Expertise & Passion

Parker was born in Gloucester, grew up in a leafy suburb of Birmingham & worked in publishing for a few years before becoming Advertisement Manager of the English Heritage Magazine (which undoubtedly led to a deep appreciation for all things British.)

The many years in publishing, including two years at Campaign Magazine provided a unique grounding, during what was the golden age of advertising. The love of photography grew strong and a portfolio submission of detailed still life images, led to an interview + an offer from The Principal at The City of Westminster College. Parker graduated and quickly won two major titles within the year.

Photographing animals is an art and Parker's most unique trait is a real affinity with animals. Patience, foresight, humour and luck, all play their part but not every photographer has the ability to shoot animals.

Titles held
2000 Kodak Pets Photographer of the Year
2000 AGFA Digital Portraits Photographer of the Year

2009 IPG/Terry O'Neill Awards
2001 BIPP Int Photography Awards
1999 BIPP National Print Exhibition

2009 Open Ad
2002 Kodak Portrait Award - Winner x 2
2002 Kodak Portrait Award - Gold
2000 AGFA European Portrait Awards x 3
1999 Fuji European Portrait Awards

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Bespoke pet photography
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01908 566 366
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